The Grass is Green

I’m really proud of my husband and of myself. We set out to DIY our landscaping and the grass has come in very nicely.  It has surprised both of us just how lush and green it is.  A big change from trying to grow things in Nevada!

Today, we began Phase Two of landscaping.  We had rock delivered this morning and we started spreading out out.  I think it is going to take us a while to get it all spread as it is a big space and we are doing it (moving, spreading, etc.) ourselves, but once it’s done… What an accomplishment!

The basic idea is that we are going to place rock up front between the grass and the curb (where our mailbox is).  Then we are going to put rock on the side yard between us and our closest neighbor.  And finally, we are going to form a rock path in our backyard to walk on when going up and down from the deck or to and from the water faucet.

The rock, along with getting a fall planting of grass in the backyard, is our project for this season.  Next season, spring, we will begin filling in with shrubs, flowers, and a few trees.  We have a vision and it is so much fun to watch it come to fruition!


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