Ten Weeks Down

Another five week session has come and gone in our home school, and that means we are ten weeks down. Time for another break, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

I’m really glad that we worked these consistent breaks into our schedule.  Yesterday, Benjamin woke up not feeling well and it just progressed more and more throughout the day.  Today he is a total mess of sickness.  He’s staying in his pajamas and sitting on the couch just resting so that he can get well.

I’m hoping that by Monday he will be feeling better and we can go enjoy some fun times during the break.  Specifically, I’m hoping we are able to go to the ice skating rink on Monday.  I was told that Mondays are homeschool skate and it is completely free.  It would be nice to meet some local homeschoolers and make a few friends.  Both kids have expressed some excitement over trying ice skating.  It’s an all new experience for them, and even Benjamin expressed interest – yay!!!

I’m not concerned with Halloween activities, in case you are wondering.  We don’t participate in Halloween so that is a non-issue.  On Tuesday, we will turn our front lights off and stay in the back of the house playing a game or something until all the activities outside are over.

For the rest of the week, the weather is looking nice and sunny so I’m hoping to get outside a bit.  It will be cold, but as long as no one is still sick we can bundle up and enjoy the fresh air.

As for the rest of today… I think I’ll go veg out on the couch with the kids.  Maybe we can watch a movie… or nap… oooooooo……… nap!


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