Taking Inventory

I think it’s important to be real with yourself.  It’s important to be honest.

It is because I think it is so important that I believe in taking inventory of yourself.

When it comes to health, taking inventory can have a huge impact.  I’ve been avoiding inventory for a while now, but today I decided it was time.

So I stood in front of my mirror after I got out of the shower and I just took a good look at myself.

I looked at my face.  I looked at my hair and my skin.  I looked at my neck.  And I noted the puffiness and the clear lack of sleep.  I noted the hair that desperately needs to be cut and the skin that needs better nutrients.

And then I looked further.  I looked at what used to be my waist and I noted that it has somewhat disappeared.  It was there, but now it’s gone.  And I thought about why.  I recalled my eating habits.  There is no one to blame but me.

Then I took in my hips and thighs and that entire general region.  Oh, it isn’t pretty.  In fact, I could hear it screaming out, “Move me.  Walk.  Move.  Do something!”

And further down, I noticed my calves and how thick they appear.  And I realized that my ankles are swollen.

And it was then that I recalled something I had read in a book not too long ago.  The author mentioned that we can dishonor God with obesity.  It was at that moment that my inventory had a dramatic impact.

I believe that I am now motivated to get back on track.

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