Small Town Coffee Delight

I have to admit that I never really thought much about small businesses until I moved to Sheridan, Wyoming.  Sheridan is a small town and it is full of small businesses.  There really aren’t very many big box stores to visit.  We do have a fairly large Walmart and a Home Depot.  There is a Sportsman’s Warehouse currently under construction.  We’ve got a Walgreens and a Petco… But that’s about it.  The rest of the shops are small, local places.  And now that I’ve had time to really stop and look around, I’ve noticed that I actually prefer shopping at the local places.  Sure, the prices can be higher than a national retailer, but my goodness are the products unique!

Sheridan is also a town with very few national chain-style restaurants.  We’ve got fast food like McDonald’s and Taco Bell, but there’s not much other than fast food in that national chain category.  I don’t mind, though.  What our town does have is a variety of small, local restaurants with menus that you just don’t find in other places


We do have a Starbucks.  For some people, that is the deciding factor for whether or not they can handle a town.  When we first moved here, we hit up Starbucks a lot.  It was familiar.  We like coffee.  And let’s face it, I knew exactly what to expect every time I walked in.  You know, one might even say that Starbucks is the “fast food” of coffee.

But once we started exploring the town more, we discovered that there are actually quite a few small coffee shops around that each have their own personal touch and unique character.  Our favorite has quickly become Java Moon.

The thing that I really like about Java Moon is that it feels so inviting.  The minute you walk in, you just get the vibe that you are welcome to sit and hang out a while.  There is plenty of room to spread out, and that is super important when you travel with your kids (yeah, they go with me everywhere).

Even when the place is busy, Java Moon seems to flow well.  I’ve sat and just watched the baristas at work, and I’m amazed at how they handle themselves.  I worked in a coffee shop when I was in college and that rush of people that we always got seriously stressed me out.  While the stress might be there, you’d never know from appearances at Java Moon.

I also like the music that flows through the place.  They pick good tunes.

And they have a piano.  Last time we were in, my son asked me if anyone ever plays the piano.  I told him I was sure someone did… Literally two minutes later, a gal walked in, sat down, and began to play the most beautiful music.  It was awesome!

Ok, I know you are looking at the picture above wondering what it’s all about.

The first time I entered Java Moon, that was what I saw in the bakery case that caught my eye.  I knew that I had to try it.

It is the Half Moon Pie and yes, there is a Full Moon.  It’s huge.  I could eat it, but I try to control myself.  The Half Moon is all I need.  It’s the perfect once in a while treat to accompany my beverage of choice.  And it’s the perfect treat to make my kids really happy.  It works great for a reward when they do something spectacular.

Java Moon is a coffee shop, so yes, there is coffee.  The coffee is really good.  But what I like the most is the Chai Latte.  I’m very particular about my Chai Lattes.  For instance, I refuse to drink one at Starbucks.  They just aren’t done right, in my opinion (sorry Starbucks!).  But at Java Moon… It’s sheer perfection in a cup!

So, we’ve got a small, local business with great personality and amazing products.  And the service is awesome, too!  It tops my list of places to go every time we hit Main Street.  Turns out, visiting local shops can be quite impressive!


*Did you like hearing about this local business?  I’m thinking of sharing more about the local shops I visit and why I like them so much.  Small towns thrive on small businesses, and I love spreading the word about the great ones.


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