Settling In

We’ve been in Wyoming for ten months now and I feel like I’m finally starting to settle in. It’s not easy getting to know a new and unfamiliar place, especially one that is so different in so many ways from what I’m used to.  I’ve learned that I need to adjust my body as well as my life activities in order be at peace in this new surrounding.

One of the most important things I have learned about living in Wyoming is that I need to take advantage of the sunlight.  Living in Nevada for so many years got me very used to having sunny skies almost every day of the year.  Even when we would get snow or rain in Nevada, it wouldn’t be long before the sun popped right back out.  Up here in the very north of Wyoming, however, the clouds can take over for days at a time.  I’ve found that this blanket of gray leaves me feeling very depressed.  At first, I thought it was just me missing Nevada that was the problem.  I thought maybe I didn’t really want to move after all.  But that’s not the case.  I’m glad we made the move to Wyoming.  But I did not realize how much of an impact weather would have on me.  I didn’t realize that extended periods of gray would result in me feeling sad and alone and depleted.

I’ve learned that in the northern part of Wyoming, when the sun comes out you go out to meet it.  I’ve learned that even if you have to put on three layers of clothing to stay warm outside, you need to get out and soak up the rays while you can.  That’s the only way I can figure to keep my body in tune.  Well, that and I’m also considering taking a vitamin D supplement, but I haven’t purchased one yet.

Lucky for me, and for my family, we live in a very beautiful part of Wyoming.  When the sun comes out, it is gorgeous to go walking around town.  Yep, all of these pictures are taken right in town.  Where we live there is an extensive pathway system for walkers and cyclists.  The town does a great job of maintaining the pathways and creating beautiful outdoor environments that can be enjoyed by everyone for free.

That field beyond the marsh, all located in a very popular part of the pathway system here in my town, has been mowed down to create paths for cross country skiing.  I can’t wait to see people doing that.  I’ve only ever seen it on television.  People skied in Nevada, but I never really payed attention to it because it wasn’t happening right in my walking area.

Getting outside even in cold temperatures is something I’m having to learn to do.  I’m a bit of a hermit in the cold, but I just can’t be that way here.  Right now the temperatures are staying fairly nice.  It’s mainly cold in early morning and late evening.  Getting outside midday to catch some rays is working out quite well.  But I know that the all day freeze is on its way.  We’ve already had a few snowy blasts and icy mornings.  I’ve got my big coat, gloves, and hat ready.  Combatting these winter blues is a new thing for me, but I’m not going to allow myself to feel down any longer.  I live in too gorgeous a place to just be mopey.



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