Remember the Days

Do you remember when blogs used to be encouraging and motivational?  Do you remember when they were fun and you’d enjoy clicking on your favorite links to see what your bloggy friends were up to?

I remember those days.  I miss them.

I especially miss them in the homeschool world.  It was nice being able to visit with online friends and hear about their days or be encouraged that they were having the same struggles I was having.  Nowadays, I click on a homeschool blog and I’m immediately bombarded by overwhelming amounts of advertising, annoying pop up subscription boxes, and constant “click here” messages to download the latest and greatest organizational tool.

I get that people want to make money.  I know that it is all in the name of monetization, but I miss the days when people motivated each other.  The vast majority of homeschool blogs these days are all curriculum reviews, ten tips on how to be something and/or someone you are not, and overachieving teach your kids more than any kid on earth should ever be required to learn in a month you suck if you don’t do it posts.  I know that’s extreme, but that is seriously how they come across to me.

I am in a group of homeschoolers that needs the motivation.  Homeschooling kids with special needs is not easy.  Some days I just want to be able to read from someone who has been there and who understands why I feel like bashing my head against the wall without the hidden agenda they have of trying to make money off me.  Telling me you get what I am going through and then shoving an affiliate link in my face doesn’t speak understanding.

People need to make a living.  I know.

Believe me, I would love to make extra money.  It sure would be nice to have a steady stream of income off something I enjoy doing.  But I’ve tried the monetization of blogs and to me it just seemed to bring out a fake sentiment in every bit of my writing.

When I tell you about my day, it is because I sincerely want to share it.  I don’t want to write about it because I want someone to click a link.  And I guess that is why homeschool blogs annoy me right now.

Everyone seems to want you to click the link…

Buy this curriculum, it really is great.  We’ve tried it and fifty others this year.  After you buy this one, buy that one!
Order this program, but then be sure to order seven more levels of it because your child is going to now be a genius!  Don’t worry about having a life, just keep purchasing these programs.  MIT here you come!
Look at this cute picture of the craft we did, and then click on the link to purchase it!
We had a great read aloud this week.  It was so engaging!  The kids loved it!  I’m not going to tell you anything else, just buy it.  Now.  It’s on sale!

I’m just sick of being sold to all the time.

I had a rough day.  Heck, it’s been a rough week.  Sometimes my kids are difficult.

My son is an almost thirteen year-old autistic kid who doesn’t quite know how to deal with everything going on inside him and can’t grasp it all because emotionally he is still eight.  He also deals with sensory issues and anxiety.

My daughter is nearing eleven and has the attention span of a grain of rice as well as other developmental delays that don’t quite land her an autism diagnosis, but do put her on the spectrum.

These things can make our days a bit rough.

There used to be a time when other homeschooling moms out there shared about the same struggles.  Now all they share is click bait.

It makes me sad.  I miss the old days.

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