Receive Love

I’ve been on a bit of a Biblical journey this year, and I’m still on it.  I made a commitment to myself to read the entire Bible in 2017.  I have been reading every day and learning a lot.  Each day, I find that I discover something I never knew before about God’s Word, and I feel the Holy Spirit working to change me from the inside out.

In Hebrews 4:12, we read that the Word of God is alive.  The Bible is a book that speaks to those who read it.  God uses it to shape us.  He uses it to cut through all the clutter and get right into our soul, molding us into what He wants us to be.  What I’ve been realizing on my Bible reading journey is that sometimes God is speaking loud and clear, but I’m not listening.

In today’s reading, I came to Proverbs 23:12.

Commit yourself to instruction;
listen carefully to words of knowledge.

I was immediately drawn to one word in that verse… Listen.

I started thinking about how my kids can be talking and telling me all kinds of things, and I will hear them.  I always hear them.  But later, they might ask me about what they said and I draw a blank.  That blank is because I wasn’t listening.

And reading God’s Word works the same way.  Just reading it isn’t enough.  I’m committed to the instruction.  I made that commitment and have not wavered.  But that commitment isn’t going to help me out much if I am not listening to the words.

Who am I listening to?

Holy Spirit.

God is speaking through His Word, and it isn’t enough to just go through the motions of reading it.  I have learned in this journey that I need to be 100% tuned in when I’m reading.  I need to read with the expectation to receive from the Lord.

Receive guidance.

Receive encouragement.

Receive discipline.

Receive instruction.

Receive correction.

Receive motivation.

Receive love.

Yes, love… Love.

When I am actually listening, I receive Love.

And that Love is the kind that changes your life.  That Love is the kind that makes you a better person.  That Love is the kind that may challenge you, but the reward from the challenge is far greater than anything else on earth.  So I’ve started actively listening more, and it has begun to transform my Bible study time into something I crave each day.  That time with the Lord isn’t just what I do.  It is now what I need.

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