Ready for a Happy 2018

I decided that for 2018 I will be using a mini Happy Planner for my daily goals and activities. I really like that there are so many options in Happy Planners for 2018, and I really like the one that I chose.  It’s fun and funky and makes me smile.

I have a thing for cactuses.  I don’t know why, but I just love them!

I like the bright colors and the cheerful look of it all.

Each monthly dashboard is fun and full of character.  That’s why I chose this particular planner.  It provides an instant boost of joy when you look at it.

I love that the weekly is lined and that there is already a bit of decoration making it ready to go.  As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I got rid of most of my stickers and washi tape because I just didn’t use them and all the clutter was suffocating me.  This style in the mini Happy Planner makes it fun and just ready to write in without the need for added fluff.  It works for me.

And the biggest bonus of going mini… It fits in my purse!


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