Productive Day

Today was a very productive day.  When we bought our house, we opted to not have the landscaping done by the builder.  That choice resulted in a large reduction in asking price.  Our thought process was that we could just do it ourselves.  Of course, once we moved in all we could think was that we had bitten off way more than we could chew.

Thankfully, we have people nearby to give us advice and offer suggestions.  Listening to what everyone said gave us hope in our abilities.

We decided that we would just tackle the landscaping in sections.  Our first section was a small portion of the front yard.

My hubby got an inexpensive tiller and began by tilling up the soil.  We discovered that there were a lot of rocks.  Initially, we planted some grass throughout all those rocks (yeah, I know that wasn’t too smart…), but today we decided to do a little more to make things grow better.  Hubby went out and bought topsoil.  We didn’t go to some fancy nursery, instead we just went to Walmart.  The price there is incredible!  We purchased topsoil to cover the entire area we planted for under $50!

While hubby was out getting the soil, I went in with my garden rake and raked out all the rocks.  Ok, I may not have gotten all of them, but I got a lot and the ground started looking much better for planting.

After I raked out the rocks, I spread more grass seed.  Interesting to note is that while I was raking out the rocks, I was discovering grass growth under them, so we know the soil will grow things.  So I raked and spread.  And I spread that seed pretty thick – there is definitely good coverage!

After raking out the rocks and spreading the seed, hubby dumped the bags of soil all around and I raked the soil on top of the seed.  It isn’t super thick, but it covers the seed and I think it will be good.  I even created a sort of curved yard with it which I am pretty proud of.

Seriously, if you know me well then you know how I am not into yard work.  I am really proud of my accomplishment here.  I’m proud of hubby, too, but even he is amazed that I got out there and did this.

I plan to post updates as the grass grows in so you can see it.  And eventually we are going to put a planter type thing up by the front porch where I can have flowers and maybe some small shrubberies.  We would also like to eventually border the lawn with some sort of landscaping brick or something… But that is getting ahead of ourselves.

For today, I got dirty and sweaty and made a lawn – I’m pretty excited about it!

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