Another Week in Our Homeschool

This week has seemed extremely long in our little homeschool land.  Some weeks are like that, I guess.  But despite the length, it has been good.

Both kids finished up their first books in our reading challenge.  And, much to their surprise, both kids found that they really enjoyed the books I picked for them.  Yeva was excited to learn that she enjoys a good mystery, and she has asked to read more in the future.  Benjamin was surprised to see that even though it’s not Christmas, he can read a Christmas-themed book and like it.  I was just happy to see them getting out of their reading comfort zones and enjoying something new.  Next up for both is a little bit of sic-fi in the form of Bigfoot and space aliens.

Another thing that went really well this week was Yeva’s science studies.  She is soaking up information in a rate that is, for her, record setting.  It appears that we’ve finally hit on what works best for her mind.  She is learning about bird anatomy and also learning how to identify birds.  On top of that, she is learning about the scientific classification system, and is able to understand how scientists group things.  It’s fun to watch her be so excited about a subject.

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Journaling Life

It’s been getting more and more difficult lately for me to stomach social media.  I used to not mind the constant barrage of garbage that streamed out at me.  In fact, I used to chime in all the time with a bunch of my own opinions.  But I have changed quite a bit and now I just don’t want to join the masses.  I’m still on my social media sites, but it’s not like it was once upon a time for me.

I left Facebook for quite a while, and I wonder every day why on earth I rejoined.  Most of the time, I just don’t see the point.  There are a few groups I enjoy being a part of, but that’s it.  I convince myself to stay because there are a few family members and friends that I know I will never hear from if I leave.  I know this because I did leave and it was as if I ceased to exist.  It’s sad.  And I often wonder why I care when obviously taking time outside of Facebook is so hard for others… Ugh.  But I do care… so I stay.

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