Our Homeschooling has Changed

I used to think that I needed tons of room to homeschool my kids. In fact, when I first started homeschooling them (our eighth year is now coming to an end), I had an entire classroom going. There were multiple shelves, desk-like tables, bulletin boards, a chalkboard and a whiteboard, and all kinds of bright decorative things.  But times have changed.  I’ve changed.  The way we homeschool has changed.

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Did you ever notice when reading your Bible that the Old Testament is full of stories filled with expectations?  This popped out to me today as I was reading about Jonathan in 1 Samuel chapter 14.  In that chapter (1 Samuel 14:8-10), Jonathan says that if the Philistines say, “Come up and fight,” that will be the Lord’s sign that He will help defeat them.

It seems like such a small thing, but what I noticed is that there are so many instances like that.  There are so many verses where people say if something happens then it will be the Lord’s sign.

People expected a sign.

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