Fish On!

One of the neat things about Kendrick Park in Sheridan, Wyoming, is all the wood carvings that are placed around the park.  There are quite a few of them, but today I only took pictures of two.  I like to call the first one Fish On!

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Happy Planner Trendsetter

If you like to plan, then you have more than likely heard of the Happy Planner. I have a mini Happy Planner already set aside for 2018.  The mini is great because it can fit right inside my purse, and I love having something that I can carry easily with me.  But I also love the slightly larger, classic size that Happy Planner has.  I wasn’t going to purchase a classic size for myself, but when I saw the new Happy Planner Girl Trendsetter line I got pretty excited.  I told my husband how much I liked it because it’s so unique.  Trendsetter is unlike anything I have ever seen from Happy Planner.  And Yesterday, because my husband just loves to spoil me rotten, my favorite Happy Planner Trendsetter showed up at my front door.  I was tickled pink!

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Small Town Coffee Delight

I have to admit that I never really thought much about small businesses until I moved to Sheridan, Wyoming.  Sheridan is a small town and it is full of small businesses.  There really aren’t very many big box stores to visit.  We do have a fairly large Walmart and a Home Depot.  There is a Sportsman’s Warehouse currently under construction.  We’ve got a Walgreens and a Petco… But that’s about it.  The rest of the shops are small, local places.  And now that I’ve had time to really stop and look around, I’ve noticed that I actually prefer shopping at the local places.  Sure, the prices can be higher than a national retailer, but my goodness are the products unique!

Sheridan is also a town with very few national chain-style restaurants.  We’ve got fast food like McDonald’s and Taco Bell, but there’s not much other than fast food in that national chain category.  I don’t mind, though.  What our town does have is a variety of small, local restaurants with menus that you just don’t find in other places


We do have a Starbucks.  For some people, that is the deciding factor for whether or not they can handle a town.  When we first moved here, we hit up Starbucks a lot.  It was familiar.  We like coffee.  And let’s face it, I knew exactly what to expect every time I walked in.  You know, one might even say that Starbucks is the “fast food” of coffee.

But once we started exploring the town more, we discovered that there are actually quite a few small coffee shops around that each have their own personal touch and unique character.  Our favorite has quickly become Java Moon.

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