Hold it Back

It’s not easy to do what you know you need to do.  Especially when you tend to have pretty strong opinions on just about everything.

I’ve been learning a lot about what it takes to be wise.  And it isn’t what the world will tell you.

God’s way takes you out of what you used to do and into a whole new way of thinking.

It’s not about suppressing your feelings.  It’s not about being a quiet woman.

It’s about knowing when and where to speak, and looking to the Lord before you let it flow.

Somewhere Along the Way

Have you ever felt like you lost who you were somehow?  I’ve been going through that a bit lately.  Actually, I’ve been going through that for quite some time now.  I work so hard at being a mom and wife, but somewhere along the way I began forgetting to work on me.  And I don’t just mean weight loss here. That seems to be a never ending battle for myself and for many other women.  What I mean is that somewhere along the way I forgot to pursue the things that I’m passionate about… And eventually, somehow, somewhere along the way, I just forgot altogether what made me, well, me.

So I decided to do something about it.  I’ve always loved journaling and I decided to join a group that was dedicated to helping women figure out just who they are outside of motherhood.  A group that uses journaling to get to heart of who you are.  I’m not promoting the group (not an affiliate, not getting paid) so I am not going to put any links or anything.  I just wanted to come on my blog and share a little bit about something I enjoy that’s making a difference in my life.

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A Drive to Story

This morning we decided to take a drive to Story, Wyoming.  We didn’t know what we would find there, we just figured that it would be a nice drive.  What we discovered was a very cool area full of walking trails and a fish hatchery.  We spent the morning exploring and enjoying some family time.

This is a picture of one of the holding ponds at the hatchery.  While there is a serious purpose to this place, my goal in these pictures was to capture just how beautiful it is.

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Kendrick Mansion

Yesterday, we visited the beautiful Kendrick Mansion (Trail End) located in Sheridan, Wyoming. This beautiful museum was once the summer home of John B. Kendrick and his family.  Kendrick was a former Wyoming Governor and a United States Senator.

Construction on the mansion began in 1908 an was completed in 1913.  It cost $164,000 to build.  Quite expensive at the time.

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Let the Planning Begin!

One of my favorite times of the homeschool year is right now.  This is the time of the year when all of our new materials have arrived and I get to start planning out the learning adventure.

I love looking through all of the new books and deciding which path to take with them.

We never follow the curriculum exactly as it is presented – and I don’t recommend anyone do that.

Kids are each uniquely created with their own learning styles and interests.

By planning and preparing ahead of time, we are able to create an environment that captures imaginations and encourages academic growth.

It has taken me a lot of years to figure out that homeschooling doesn’t have to, nor should it, resemble public school.  For quite a while I was overly concerned with making sure we were just like everyone else – and by everyone else, I meant just like public schoolers.  I worried about what people would think or what they would say in regards to how my kids were learning.

But that has changed.

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