Operation Lose the Flab

So, I’ve been debating the past couple of days as to whether I would blog about this or not because whenever someone starts a new program for weight loss it seems that everyone becomes a critic.  But what the heck, this is my blog so I’m going to share.

I am beginning the South Beach Diet.  I have done this program before and I know that it works.  However, like many people, I have done it and then stopped.  In fact, I have done many things and then stopped.  But I am determined to make some changes so I am going full force with this.

Tomorrow will be the first day of Phase One for me.  Phase One is for two weeks and during that two weeks I will not be eating any sort of bread or pasta or rice.  Additionally, I will not be eating fruit (because of the sugar), and I will cut down on my coffee intake.  I will be ridding my body of unnecessary sugar in the process, which is incredibly good for you to do.

I’ve read the information in the book and I totally understand the science behind it.  It makes sense to me.  In fact, it is nothing new to me because I have been involved in weight loss community in one form or another for so long.

So I’m ready.

I have prepped all my veggies ahead of time.  I baked some chicken.  I’ve chopped and diced and just made sure that there are no excuses come tomorrow morning.


I’m glad you asked.

Because I am sick of feeling sick.  Because I have gained a ridiculous amount of weight in the past six to seven months.  Because I am experiencing things with my body that I haven’t experienced before and I know it is entirely related to weight and poor food choices.

Because I can and I want to.

The last time I weighed myself, I cried.  I plan to weigh myself tomorrow morning so that I have a starting point.  This time, I plan on not crying.  Rather, I am going to take that number and write it down with the determination to change it.

I know I can just eat healthy.  I know that I can just make wise choices.  Yep, I can do that… Only, I’ve been at this long enough to know that I won’t.  I needed a plan.  I like the South Beach Diet plan.  I like that I can still enjoy food while on it.  I like that there are no shakes to consume and there is absolutely no calorie counting.  It’s realistic to me, and it’s something that I believe will help.

Wish me luck!



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