Magic Potion Pushers

There is a style of marketing that takes place on social media that annoys me.  I have decided to call it comment sales without a relationship.  It is a style of marketing that is very common in the direct sales and network marketing world, and today it had me blocking someone from my Instagram.

It’s not that I don’t support people in their business endeavors.  I do.  There was a time when I was in a direct sales type gig with Beachbody.  I know that social media can be a big tool for that type of business.  But I do not for one second support the mentality of people who take the marketing approach of commenting randomly and pushing their magic potions.

I never did that and I don’t like it when people do it to me.

In fact, the only people I mentioned my products to were the people who saw my posts on my pages and asked me directly.  I did not seek them out, lurking on Instagram and searching down hashtags, because that is something I consider tacky.

So here is what happened today…

I posted a picture of my daughter eating an ice cream cone after her lunch, and I mentioned how she was sick and ice cream was good on a sore throat.  I thought the picture was cute and it was just a random look into our daily life.

Well, within seconds of my posting, some lady left me a comment telling me that I need her essential oils line and I should discuss it with her.

I don’t know this lady.  I’ve never had a comment from her before.  She never introduced herself or said hello.  She just tried to push her magic potion.

So I blocked her.  Immediately.

I’m not anti-essential oils.  I have some online friends who sell them and do quite well in their businesses.  I’ve even tried them.

But do you know why I tried them?  Because people built relationships with me.  We became friends before they urged me to purchase something from them.  And really, they never even urged.  Through our relationships, I became curious and asked questions.  Eventually, I chose to try products to satisfy my curiosity.

If I want an impersonal shopping experience, I will go to Walmart.

Online, the random commenting and pushing product just gets you blocked from my stuff.  I don’t need that in my life, nor do I want it.

Our world has really tanked socially speaking, and this type of garbage on social media is a great example of why.  It’s ironic, really.

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