Love Where You Live

I have an online friend who always uses the hashtag “#lovewhereyoulive” – I think that’s great! And I have to say, I really do love where I live!

Looking down on Kendrick Park. Sheridan, Wyoming

Buffalo right in town! Sheridan, Wyoming

The views we have right in town are amazing.  There is wildlife everywhere – deer and turkeys wander through town all the time, antelope are all around, and buffalo are in a field smack in the middle of town!

Additionally, there is green.  So much green!  Coming from the desert of Nevada, the green is like a heavenly gift.  I love all the trees and grassy fields.  The flowers that are starting to bloom and the beautiful park views are doing great things for my mood.  I am so happy here!

This morning, right in my backyard, there was a deer munching its breakfast.  There are bunnies all over, birds flying and singing all the time… We even have a Great Blue Heron that frequents the creek our house backs up to.  It’s awesome!

2 thoughts on “Love Where You Live

  1. I am enjoying all of your gorgeous photos of Wyoming! I am so happy you #LoveWhereYouLive – That’s how I feel about Nebraska!! xo

    1. It’s such a nice feeling. I had grown to dislike Nevada very much. It got worse daily. Between the desert brown and the work situation with hubby, I just wanted out… I feel so at peace here.

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