Life is Meant to be More

It’s been close to a year since I first started decluttering life.  It started with a few books.  Then there was a very compelling documentary.  And then the discovery that less is more.

Over this past year, I would say that my family has cut down the clutter by half.  And I feel good about that, but I also feel that there is still so much.  It’s not that I want to have a home with completely bare walls or rooms… that would be silly.  I just want to have a home that seeks to place importance on something other than the stuff we acquire.

As many of you out there know, I am a super planner nerd.  I like planners and journals and all that kind of thing.  I recently looked at my collection of all things planner related and I felt suffocated.  I had more washi tape than I knew what to do with.  I had stickers that I don’t even remember buying.  I had pages and inserts that were totally useless.

As I sat looking at it all, feeling the walls caving in, I decided to end it.  Not planning or journaling, both are things that I really love.  I decided to end the excess.  I grabbed a bag, grabbed the stickers and washi tape and pages and all that extra fluff… And I got rid of it.  In one afternoon, I managed to free myself from what felt like a huge weight.

I kept the journals I use and the planner I use.  But all the extra stuff that I had purchased for reasons that simply boil down to everyone else has it… All that is gone.

And it’s freeing.

I also got rid of some other stuff that was bogging me down.  I asked my hubby to make a trip to donate it, and he did.  And it felt good.

As I look around my house now, I still see so many areas where I want to declutter.

Other people don’t seem to understand why I would feel this way, which is pretty much why I’m writing about it.

Why, Rebecca, would you get rid of so much?  Why would you not keep this or that?  Why would you not want all the books and papers and trinkets and gizmos and, and, and…

You see, we live in a society that teaches us that we need more.  Everywhere we look, we are bombarded by media that shows us that if we don’t have what they have we are missing out.  Only, I am asking who exactly are they?

Who are they to say I need to have so much?

Who are they to say I need to have the latest and greatest of all the things?

What purpose does it all serve, and why do they dictate my life?

Take those planners and journals for example… Why do I need more than one set of Bible journals and one set of personal?  Why do I need more than one planner?

Truth is, I don’t.

Heck, with blogging, I don’t even need the ones I kept… but sometimes I just like pen and paper.

The point is, a person doesn’t need ten of the same thing.  Society will tell me I do, but I don’t.  I am not the sum of my possessions, regardless of what social media teaches.

In Matthew 6:21 we read that where our treasure is, there our heart will be also.  That’s pretty powerful.  And that’s another reason I seek to live a more minimal lifestyle.  I don’t want to end life with nothing to show for it other than a house full of junk.  I know that there are some things we keep that are special because of family significance or other special meaning, but after that… If it’s not being actively used, what’s the point?

I’d rather stop the madness of bringing in more stuff, and start living a life outside of material possessions.  Getting rid of all the excess has cleared up space in my life to see what I really need more of, such as time spent with God and time spent experiencing life with family.  If I continue to live life cluttered in what society considers the norm, I really do feel that I will miss out on the most important things.  And life is just meant to be more than what’s taking up space in your house.


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