Kendrick Mansion

Yesterday, we visited the beautiful Kendrick Mansion (Trail End) located in Sheridan, Wyoming. This beautiful museum was once the summer home of John B. Kendrick and his family.  Kendrick was a former Wyoming Governor and a United States Senator.

Construction on the mansion began in 1908 an was completed in 1913.  It cost $164,000 to build.  Quite expensive at the time.

The drawing room was absolutely stunning.  Most outstanding to me was the Persian rug – it was the largest Persian rug I had ever seen and according to the information it is one of the most valued possessions in the mansion.  Made by thousands of hand-tied knots, this was a gorgeous work of art!

The library was beautifully done.  I could imagine myself sitting there for hours.

I was most impressed with the silver in the dining room – so fancy!  On the floor, there was a button that could be pressed to ring the butler or maid if assistance was needed.

The butler’s pantry was between the dining room and the kitchen.  I could just picture the staff working there to feed the family and their guests.

Isn’t that stove impressive?!  And that was the only one.  Nowadays, I imagine a minimum of six burners in a fancy house like this… and even that would be too simple.

I really love the old cans.  I think it would be neat to have my own collection.

The master bedroom had two beds and the Kendricks slept separately.  Apparently, that was considered quite normal in their time.  After all, if John had to wake early or come in late, he wouldn’t want to disturb his wife Eula.

The Kendricks had both a son and a daughter.  I didn’t take any pictures of their son’s room.  But their daughter’s room was quite pretty – definitely a girl’s space.

On the top floor of the mansion is a ballroom; it even has a musicians’ loft!  Imagine the parties they must have had.

The maid’s room was simple, but nice.  And it was actually quite a bit larger than I thought it would be.

Looking down the stairwell… it almost made me dizzy.

The portrait gallery was impressive – not just the Kendricks, but also former Presidents and first-ladies.

No matter what view you take of the Kendrick Mansion, it is beautiful.

The carriage house… They use it now as a theater.  In fact, there will be a Shakespeare event there in a few weeks.  Fun!


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