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It’s been getting more and more difficult lately for me to stomach social media.  I used to not mind the constant barrage of garbage that streamed out at me.  In fact, I used to chime in all the time with a bunch of my own opinions.  But I have changed quite a bit and now I just don’t want to join the masses.  I’m still on my social media sites, but it’s not like it was once upon a time for me.

I left Facebook for quite a while, and I wonder every day why on earth I rejoined.  Most of the time, I just don’t see the point.  There are a few groups I enjoy being a part of, but that’s it.  I convince myself to stay because there are a few family members and friends that I know I will never hear from if I leave.  I know this because I did leave and it was as if I ceased to exist.  It’s sad.  And I often wonder why I care when obviously taking time outside of Facebook is so hard for others… Ugh.  But I do care… so I stay.

I’ve changed a lot in the way I use Twitter.  There was a time when I would go on and on for days about things that annoyed me… I wish I could erase it all.  Other than totally deleting my Twitter account and starting over, I don’t think I can.  Some of my old tweeting ways are embarrassing.  I don’t like how I was and I don’t think I represented myself or my Savior well.  I still have opinions now and then on Twitter, but mostly I share blog posts, talk to my online pals, share moments in our life with autism, and discuss other daily life type things when the mood strikes.  I try to keep it as positive as I can while staying real… I mean, some days do blow, and I could use a cheer up type reply on those days so… I share… But the anger over society, politics, and culture wars is not something I care to share any longer.  I’ve worked hard to stay away from those tweets.  I do slip at times, but I still keep working at it.

Instagram I love.  It is my favorite.  I never consider leaving that one because it makes me smile.  But I have unfollowed quite a few people in an effort to be more satisfied with my life and less obsessed with someone else’s highlight reel.  One thing I remind myself of on Instagram is that sometimes all the pretty is photographed after the mess gets cleaned up.

Pinterest was one that caused discontent for me, and I left it for a while.  I rejoined, though, and I’ve taken to using Pinterest as a tool for recipes and such rather than a social center.  I enjoy it that way.

So that brings me to the point of today’s post.

All of that commentary on social media was just to say that my journaling is in full swing these days.  I have always been a journaler, but with social media it is so easy to just post quickly and seek out feedback, forgetting later to document life.  Journaling took a backseat in my life for quite a while.  However, over the past few months, I have been a journaling maniac.  I am really feeling quite relaxed and full of joy from getting back into a hobby and habit that has always been fun for me.

I do all types of journaling.  I do daily life, books I read, food tracking, events I want to attend, places I want to go, memories I want to keep of the kids, feelings that I need to get out, dreams I want to pursue, etc…

And I do Bible journaling.  No, I don’t mean coloring in my Bible.  I am talking about serious writing about what I am learning from the Lord.  I have an awesome set of journals for that from Planner Perfect.

Aren’t they pretty?  I absolutely love writing down Scripture notes and prayers and things I want to remember and things I am grateful for.  I also like using the journal cards to emphasize various verses – I can put them in my journals or in a book I’m reading.  I can even put them on the fridge if I want a daily reminder.  I just love them!

Journaling, for me, is a better thing to do than social media.  Yes, I still remain on social media, but if anyone wondered why I’m just not as vocal as I once was… Well, now you know.  Some things are best said in a journal and not in cyberspace.  Even a blog is a sort of social media.  I enjoy blogging more than I enjoy status updates.  But even blogging has changed for me over the years.  I don’t share quite as much as I used to.  Like I said, some things are just best left in a journal.


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