It’s Gorgeous, But…

I recently purchased another Chic Sparrow traveler’s notebook.  This time I got the Sidekick.  I’ve seen so many people turn these things into wallets that I thought I would do it, too.  I’d tried the wallet thing once before and didn’t like it, but I thought maybe now would be different since I have grown so much in my crafty abilities.

I chose the Buccaneer Sidekick.  It’s a deep, dark, smokey grayish color.  I really like the color a lot.  Not totally gray, but not black… A nice mix.

The Sidekick is really nice because of the way the pockets are done.  There is also a zippered pocket on the backside that I didn’t photograph, but it’s there.

So I stuffed it full of all my favorite wallet and on the go items and I sat here staring at it for the longest time.  I rearranged things and stared some more.  I took things out and added things back in.

I tried to love it as a wallet.  But once gain, I just don’t.

And that leaves me in a dilemma… What do I do with it now?

If you know the world of Chic Sparrow, you know this was not cheap.  It’s real leather and it’s handmade.  And it’s beautiful.

I could use it as a planner, but it is too small for me.  The Sidekick is a personal size (sort of… I’ve found that most sellers of personal size inserts are just a tad too big for it, stretching the elastics in a way that worries me.  Planner Perfect is the only true personal size fit I’ve found for the Sidekick.) and I prefer a wide size for my planner and journaling needs.

I feel stuck.  I tried to join a selling group thinking I would get back my money, but they never approved my request.  I guess my not so active Facebook profile doesn’t make me look like a genuine planner person.  Facebook… Ugh… that’s a whole other post.

Anyways, now I have this gorgeous traveler’s notebook, in a size I don’t really enjoy using, just sitting here because I don’t care for it as a wallet after all.

If you are a planner person, I welcome your suggestions as to what I should do.  Maybe you’ll have a great idea for using the Sidekick that I hadn’t thought of.


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