It was Beautiful

I told my husband a few days ago that fall was beginning and I was missing it.  I was stuck inside, moping, feeling down on myself.  Which, of course, was the main cause of me telling myself that I was fat.  Telling myself that I wasn’t good enough.

Then, today, I asked myself why.  Why?

And I got up, and I went for a walk.  And I took in the beginnings of fall.

And it was beautiful.

I have to move.  I can’t just sit around all day and expect the weight I’ve gained to disappear.  Adjustments in food can only get a person so far.

I made a very short try of the food journal that I last posted about.  But I converted it back into a meal planner and got myself a new My Fitness Pal account instead.

I decided that having My Fitness Pal would be a good tool for me to track food and to sync my FitBit up to in order to get a more accurate reflection of what I’m doing.  So far, I’m very happy to have done that.  I even contacted the one friend of mine who has always been an encouragement in this area and had some great discussion with her.

Together, that friend and I are going to help each other along.

She’s going to be my person.  And I need a person.  Heck, everyone needs a person.

I do feel better since I last posted.  I’m not going to call myself fat anymore.  Yes, I am heavy.  Yes, I have gained weight.  Yes, I let it go too far.  But I’m going to commit to myself to stop the name calling right now.  It doesn’t help, and it makes me want chocolate and cake and…


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