Happy Planning

I love planners.  When we moved to Wyoming, I discarded a lot of my planning stash because I just felt like it was too much and I wasn’t using it to be productive anymore.  I started just doing some regular calendar planning in my traveler’s notebooks and that was ok, but I wanted another full blown planner (I prefer to just use the traveler’s notebooks for journaling).  Then the Happy Planner folks announced their new line… And they just happened to have one that was a perfect fit for me!

I think this is by far the cutest, most fun, cheeriest, loveliest, most enjoyable to my personal tastes Happy Planner that they have ever come out with.

I can’t wait for July to hit so I can use this to its fullest, but for now I have started with the intro page… I like these cute stickers for putting my name in place.  I got them at Walmart.

Even the year at a glance is cute in this planner!

I really love the July dashboard and currently page.  All of the dashboards and currently pages in this particular Happy Planner are bright and enjoyable.  It makes me smile just opening it and that’s important.  The more I smile, the more I use it.  And that means I stay organized.  And I like to be organized.

I love the addition of the priorities and notes section separated with headings in the calendar view.  This is a really great design for keeping things straight in my mind.

And I love that the priorities and notes were carried over into the weekly view.  This is a great planner to leave on the counter and make available to everyone.  My husband and kids will always know what I have going on in my brain… And sometimes that can be scary, but mostly it’s good.  Haha!

For a while I got really caught up in the planner craze.  I wanted everything.  But after the fever died down a bit, I realized that what I really wanted was something appealing that worked for my style.  This is a great solution for me.  I love to use stickers, but I need to keep plenty of space for writing things down.  I tend to get a bit more crafty in my journals… For instance, my washi tape is used in my journals more than I ever use it in a planner.  I need to keep the planner functional so I can actually, you know, plan!

What planner are you currently in?  Are you waiting for July (like me) to start a new one?  I’d love to hear about it!

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