Happy Planner Trendsetter Additions

I’m getting my Happy Planner Trendsetter all ready for January, and I added a couple of things that I thought I would share. I really like the fun, cheerful colors in this collection!

First up… Sticky notes!  Sometimes you just don’t want to commit to ink on the main page when you plan.  Sometimes, a sticky note is the best option.  These sticky notes are super cute and great for quick reminders or sudden thoughts.  I was really happy to be able to add them.

Folders… There are some really cute folders in this collection.  I chose to add one in the back of my planner and one in the front.  I don’t like to add more than that because then the planner just gets too chunky.  An overstuffed Happy Planner can be very difficult to deal with.

And more note pages… what can I say… PINK!

The only thing that I wanted that I wasn’t able to get for my 2018 planner was the set of Trendsetter dashboards.  They don’t seem to be in stock anywhere.  I wanted them because they are a great surface to write on and there is a bookmark included… And they are super fun in their design… Who knows, maybe the Happy Planner folks will come out with a new set that’ll work for me.  For now, though, I am feeling great about my setup.

I plan to share again once the New Year hits and let you know just how I am using all of those unique planner pages.  I have some great ideas for how to make this planner work for me.  Stay tuned!

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