Happy Birthday!

Today is my daughter’s eleventh birthday.  It’s almost hard to believe how quickly she has grown, but I guess that is something all moms would say.

Eleven years ago today, my sweet Yeva (pronounced Yeh-Vuh) came into this world.  She has always been a free spirit.  My parents have recently said a few times that she is our hippy chick.  Yes, I think I would agree.  Yeva definitely marches to her own beat.  Her unique way of being is one of the greatest things about her.

At the ripe old age of eleven, Yeva has already learned not to worry about what other people think of her.  She dresses in whatever way suits her mood for the day, she enters her imagination more than any other kid I know, and she isn’t at all worried about how she appears.  It’s such a beautiful thing!

Yeva’s life doesn’t come without challenges.  She has some special needs that make her even more unique.  She is developmentally delayed (placing her on the spectrum but not diagnosed with autism) and that means she’s been through some therapy.  She has worked hard to overcome speech disfluency, she’s facing a lifetime of vision impairment, and she deals with ADHD.  The icing on top of her very unique birthday cake… Yeva also has sensory processing disorder.  But she’s amazing.  Even with all of these things going on, Yeva is bright and full of life.

When I look at my daughter, I see the very nature of love.  She is all that is right in this so very often wrong world.  I believe that God has blessed her with gifts of compassion, service, and encouragement.  She cares a great deal for those around her, she always looks for ways to help and make people happy, and she is quite often the first person to offer up a positive word when things look dreary.

My prayer for her is that she continues to grow in faith, continues to love and serve the Lord with her life, and that she never forgets how amazing she is just the way God made her.

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    1. No worries… Lots of people say it wrong. It’s different. I will tell her that you said Happy Birthday, she’ll be tickled pink!

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