Happy Birthday… Teenager!

Today is my son’s thirteenth birthday.  I can’t believe I am already the mom of a teenager!  I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun!

Thirteen years ago today, my special Benjamin came into this world.  He is an amazing kid.  I’ve known since day one of his presence on this earth that he was set apart for something great.  I don’t yet know what that greatness is, but I know God has some big plans for this kid.

Benjamin is a bright, artistic child.  He does incredibly well academically, remembers darn near everything to the smallest detail, and he loves to draw… But… He has his share of struggles to deal with.  Benjamin has autism.  His diagnosis came before all the diagnosing criteria changed so Benjamin actually holds a diagnosis of High Functioning Autism AND Asperger Syndrome.  Additionally, he deals with high levels of anxiety and sensory processing disorder.  And, topping it off, he’s hyperlexic.

I could probably go on all day about how autism impacts life, but I’d rather tell you that Benjamin loves writing stories, drawing and writing comics, reading books, playing video games, taking long walks, and eating granola bars.

He also loves Jesus.

My prayer for Benjamin is that he continues to grow in the Lord.  That he learns to always seek God first in all that he does.  And that he will always remember that he may be different, but God made him the way he is for a reason.  I don’t think autism is something for us to cry about, rather, I think it is something God intends to use for good.

John 9:1-3

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