Got My Vitamins

I previously mentioned that I was considering taking a vitamin D supplement.  After a lot of research, I finally got one.  There are so many varieties of vitamins and so many brands.  I think I settled on something good.  I went for D3 because my research said that it was most like what our bodies produce, but I am not a doctor so don’t go buying something and ingesting it just because I do.  Make sure you do your own research first.

Anyways, if you look really really close at the bottom of that picture, you will see the vitamin.  It’s tiny!  I was very surprised by the size of it.  Little bitty vitamin…

I chose to go with the 1000 IU rather than something higher.  The reason I chose that is because I already take a multivitamin that has some vitamin D in it.  I didn’t want to overdo it.  Know what I mean?

I also chose to go for a soft gel rather than a tablet.  I read (and again, I am not a doctor) that the soft gel is better absorbed by the body.  My multivitamin is a tablet so I figured I could test out this better absorption theory for myself.

I’m not sure how long I have to take this before I will start to reap the benefits, but I bought a twin pack that gives me 200 daily doses.  I read that vitamin D3 can help fight disease, reduce depression, improve teeth and bone health, and a whole load of other stuff… We shall see!

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