Feeling Determined

I woke up this morning feeling determined to start fresh.  I drank my usual two cups of coffee, got the kids fed, and then asked everyone to get ready to go for a walk.  No more excuses.

Main Street, Sheridan, Wyoming

Walking with the family means I don’t walk quite as fast as I normally would and I end up stopping a lot to look at different things, but that’s ok. We were out and I was active.

We walked down Main Street in our town today.  I took a few pictures, but am just sharing one here.  The rest are over on my Instagram.

I resisted the urge to check out all the little cafes and eateries.  My goodness, they smelled so good!  There is a little bakery that looks to die for, but I knew that if I went in there today I would just destroy any motivation I currently have.

We walked up and down the main street, stopping to look at the sites.  We went in a few shops to look around.  I purchased a journal in one shop because I like to jot down my thoughts and I really liked the message on it.  It reads: DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES YOU SPARKLE.  I think I should!

By the time we got home, I had logged over 6,000 steps on my FitBit, so it was a good walk.  Now, I just need to get walking on a regular basis!

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