I made a very big decision this evening.

If you’ll remember, I left Facebook once before, but then I rejoined.  I haven’t been happy about it.  Tonight, I decided to delete it again.  I just don’t want to be on there.  And I felt instant relief!

I also decided to go ahead and delete my Twitter account.  I’ve always enjoyed Twitter, but lately I find that I am getting frustrated and annoyed by just about everything on my feed.  Sometimes it can be hard for me to just look away, so I took the big step and deleted it.

I feel a sense of freedom.  Like I’ve just gained a part of my life back.  And I know that sounds extreme, but that is how I feel.

Don’t worry, I kept Instagram.  I love that!  And I’m on Pinterest because I am finding great ideas there for cooking and decorating.

I know to many it may seem silly, but I just need to not have all that social media clutter in my mind.  It’s like I just gave myself permission to breathe again!

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