A Drive to Story

This morning we decided to take a drive to Story, Wyoming.  We didn’t know what we would find there, we just figured that it would be a nice drive.  What we discovered was a very cool area full of walking trails and a fish hatchery.  We spent the morning exploring and enjoying some family time.

This is a picture of one of the holding ponds at the hatchery.  While there is a serious purpose to this place, my goal in these pictures was to capture just how beautiful it is.

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Kendrick Mansion

Yesterday, we visited the beautiful Kendrick Mansion (Trail End) located in Sheridan, Wyoming. This beautiful museum was once the summer home of John B. Kendrick and his family.  Kendrick was a former Wyoming Governor and a United States Senator.

Construction on the mansion began in 1908 an was completed in 1913.  It cost $164,000 to build.  Quite expensive at the time.

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Tongue River

The Tongue River of Wyoming is gorgeous.  In some places it is the most mellow river, sitting ever so peaceful and still.  In others, the water rages violently.  Hmm… if ever there were a metaphor for life, I think this river could be it!

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