Productive Day

Today was a very productive day.  When we bought our house, we opted to not have the landscaping done by the builder.  That choice resulted in a large reduction in asking price.  Our thought process was that we could just do it ourselves.  Of course, once we moved in all we could think was that we had bitten off way more than we could chew.

Thankfully, we have people nearby to give us advice and offer suggestions.  Listening to what everyone said gave us hope in our abilities.

We decided that we would just tackle the landscaping in sections.  Our first section was a small portion of the front yard.

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Incredible Sky

Last night, there was a crazy thunderstorm that resulted in the most amazing sunset I think I’ve ever seen.  I ran outside to take a picture of it, and this is what I got.

View from my front porch / iPhone 7 Plus

I am amazed by the colors.  God is such an artist.  How blessed we are!