School’s Out for Summer!

We’ve just completed another fabulous homeschooling year. I now have an 8th grader and a 6th grader on my hands. I’m so proud of these two!

Benjamin – 8th grader / Yeva – 6th grader

People sometimes ask me if it is hard to homeschool kids who have special needs.  My answer to anyone out there wondering is that it is no more difficult than homeschooling any other kid.  You plan, you prepare, you create lessons that work, and you deal with each day as it comes.

Benjamin and Yeva have both done very well.  Each year we seem to have new struggles because as children grow the challenges change, but we make it through just fine.

The Lord sees to it that we have just what we need right when we need it.

Your Mug Means Nothing

After a very emotional afternoon in my house, I made a bit of a mistake.  I went on Facebook.  Let me offer you advice… Never go on Facebook if you are feeling emotional.  The minute I popped on, I noticed once again the people who turn everything into a fad.  More specifically, I noticed the ones that turn autism into a fad.

So let me back up and tell you about what happened today.  I’ll give you the short version.

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Remember the Days

Do you remember when blogs used to be encouraging and motivational?  Do you remember when they were fun and you’d enjoy clicking on your favorite links to see what your bloggy friends were up to?

I remember those days.  I miss them.

I especially miss them in the homeschool world.  It was nice being able to visit with online friends and hear about their days or be encouraged that they were having the same struggles I was having.  Nowadays, I click on a homeschool blog and I’m immediately bombarded by overwhelming amounts of advertising, annoying pop up subscription boxes, and constant “click here” messages to download the latest and greatest organizational tool.

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