Plum Paper Homeschool Planner

This year, I began using the Plum Paper homeschool planner.  I absolutely love it!  It is by far the best homeschool planning tool I’ve ever come across.  In fact, I love it so much that I took advantage of the Thanksgiving sale Plum Paper held and bought my planner for next school year.

As an added bonus, they threw in a really nice notebook – I love it, too!

Below are my current planner, new planner, and the notebook.

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Happy Planner Trendsetter Additions

I’m getting my Happy Planner Trendsetter all ready for January, and I added a couple of things that I thought I would share. I really like the fun, cheerful colors in this collection!

First up… Sticky notes!  Sometimes you just don’t want to commit to ink on the main page when you plan.  Sometimes, a sticky note is the best option.  These sticky notes are super cute and great for quick reminders or sudden thoughts.  I was really happy to be able to add them.

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Happy Planner Trendsetter

If you like to plan, then you have more than likely heard of the Happy Planner. I have a mini Happy Planner already set aside for 2018.  The mini is great because it can fit right inside my purse, and I love having something that I can carry easily with me.  But I also love the slightly larger, classic size that Happy Planner has.  I wasn’t going to purchase a classic size for myself, but when I saw the new Happy Planner Girl Trendsetter line I got pretty excited.  I told my husband how much I liked it because it’s so unique.  Trendsetter is unlike anything I have ever seen from Happy Planner.  And Yesterday, because my husband just loves to spoil me rotten, my favorite Happy Planner Trendsetter showed up at my front door.  I was tickled pink!

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