Envy Rots the Bones

Now that I made a big stink about social media yesterday, more specifically about Facebook, I guess I should offer a little confession.  I talked about those in person friends that I had actually spent time with and how hurt I am that there is zero communication after curing myself of social media mania.  Well, what I didn’t tell you is that I am struggling with a bit of an issue since leaving.  It’s an issue of jealousy.

I’m not jealous over Facebook.  That’s just silly.  What I am talking about is a little more personal.

You see, my husband also left Facebook shortly after I did.  Only, when he left there was a bit of a difference… When we moved there was a bit of a difference… He just has had a whole different experience.

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Social Media Mania

I left Facebook back in November.  It was November 29, 2016, to be exact.  I didn’t just deactivate my account; I completely deleted it.


No more.

Of course, Facebook will allow me to remake a profile and begin again if I choose to, but I haven’t done that.  I’ve thought about it a few times.  I mean, it sure would be nice to hear from some old friends.  I think.  Maybe.

If you are wondering why the uncertainty, please read on.

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