A Great Day to Start a Great Year!

Today is my 40th birthday, and I feel fabulous!

I know some people get all stressed over birthdays and getting older, but I am looking at my fortieth year as a new start. It’s a chance for me to spruce up my body, mind, soul, etc…

This year I hope to get back on track with my health, finish out my Bible in a Year reading, make at least one great friend in my new state, explore all that Wyoming has to offer, continue writing on this blog, read a few more books, and finally learn to cook the real way – not from a box. Ha! It’s gonna be great!

More Social Media Mania

I told you in my previous post on social media about how I left Facebook back in November.  I told you how I felt about it and other social media platforms, and I said that I didn’t know whether or not I would go back.

Well, on Sunday evening I rejoined Facebook.

I friended a few family members and a couple of friends who have been friends for many years.

And then it happened.

Despite all my settings being as private as I could make them, people started finding me and requesting to be my friend.  I accepted a few of them, and others I just declined.

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Less is More

I’ve been decluttering my life for months.  It started long before I moved to Wyoming when I read a few books that gave me some motivation (Ruth Soukup is one of my favorite authors).  Then my husband and I watched a documentary on NetFlix about the minimalist lifestyle.  After that, I read a few articles. The next thing I knew, we were decluttering every corner of our house.

I will say that I am much more obsessed with this approach than my husband is.  While he is greatly on board with the less is more philosophy, he tends to get much more emotionally attached to things than I do.

When you start decluttering your life, people often begin to wonder what is wrong with you.  We had a few friends back in Nevada ask us if we were hard up for cash or if something had happened that they weren’t aware of.

Nope, none of that.  We just wanted less clutter.

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When is it Sin?

I’ve got something on my mind.  I’m not exactly sure what the right words are, but I feel that I need to get it out so here I am.

I guess the question I have is one that is very offensive in nature to other Christians, because asking questions and thinking is almost always offensive these days.

You see, what’s on my mind is this… At what point do you view what you know to be wrong as sin?

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True Strength

It’s really interesting watching all the things that have been flowing across cyberspace today in regards to International Women’s Day.  It’s interesting to me all the women who seem to think that being a strong woman means disregarding the role God gave them.  I think a truly strong woman can be who she needs to be while still placing her Father’s will and instruction first.

This may come as a shock to someone out there, but I am here to tell you that you can be a strong woman and still be a child of God.  You can be a strong woman and still allow your husband to lead your family.  You can be a strong woman and still stay at home with your children.  You can be a strong woman and still wear dresses.  You can be a strong  woman and have conservative values, including being pro-life.  You can be a strong woman and support President Trump.  Yep, I said it!

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