Spending is NOT Saving

I received an email over the weekend that really got me thinking about the spending habits I have embraced in the past and the new habits that I am working so hard to develop.  The email was from a well known department store and it very vibrantly announced that I was close to receiving a $5 off reward.

Five whole dollars!

I clicked on the email to find out just how close I was to the reward, and I was met with the message that I only needed to spend $25 more.

Only twenty-five more dollars!

In the past, I would have been totally motivated to go and shop more.  I would have wanted that $5 reward so I would have headed down to the store or online to spend the next $25.  Only, I would more than likely spend $50-$75.  And the thing is, the store knows this.

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Digital Declutter

As you know, I already downsized my digital life a bit by deleting my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

But there is more to a digital declutter than just opting out of social media.  Sure, my sanity is already improving by removing the constant influx of negativity that social media news feeds can provide… But there is a lot more that can be done to help free the mind and, yesterday, I began doing it.

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