Week One Reflections

Today is the end of the first week for me on Phase One of the South Beach Diet.  Overall, the week hasn’t been too difficult.  I’ve kept to the plan and felt pretty good about all of it.  I’ve even journaled each day in order to track my food and my feelings.  Today, day seven, was actually the first time I felt bothered by the whole thing.

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Operation Lose the Flab

So, I’ve been debating the past couple of days as to whether I would blog about this or not because whenever someone starts a new program for weight loss it seems that everyone becomes a critic.  But what the heck, this is my blog so I’m going to share.

I am beginning the South Beach Diet.  I have done this program before and I know that it works.  However, like many people, I have done it and then stopped.  In fact, I have done many things and then stopped.  But I am determined to make some changes so I am going full force with this.

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Somewhere Along the Way

Have you ever felt like you lost who you were somehow?  I’ve been going through that a bit lately.  Actually, I’ve been going through that for quite some time now.  I work so hard at being a mom and wife, but somewhere along the way I began forgetting to work on me.  And I don’t just mean weight loss here. That seems to be a never ending battle for myself and for many other women.  What I mean is that somewhere along the way I forgot to pursue the things that I’m passionate about… And eventually, somehow, somewhere along the way, I just forgot altogether what made me, well, me.

So I decided to do something about it.  I’ve always loved journaling and I decided to join a group that was dedicated to helping women figure out just who they are outside of motherhood.  A group that uses journaling to get to heart of who you are.  I’m not promoting the group (not an affiliate, not getting paid) so I am not going to put any links or anything.  I just wanted to come on my blog and share a little bit about something I enjoy that’s making a difference in my life.

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