Settling In

We’ve been in Wyoming for ten months now and I feel like I’m finally starting to settle in. It’s not easy getting to know a new and unfamiliar place, especially one that is so different in so many ways from what I’m used to.  I’ve learned that I need to adjust my body as well as my life activities in order be at peace in this new surrounding.

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Spending is NOT Saving

I received an email over the weekend that really got me thinking about the spending habits I have embraced in the past and the new habits that I am working so hard to develop.  The email was from a well known department store and it very vibrantly announced that I was close to receiving a $5 off reward.

Five whole dollars!

I clicked on the email to find out just how close I was to the reward, and I was met with the message that I only needed to spend $25 more.

Only twenty-five more dollars!

In the past, I would have been totally motivated to go and shop more.  I would have wanted that $5 reward so I would have headed down to the store or online to spend the next $25.  Only, I would more than likely spend $50-$75.  And the thing is, the store knows this.

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Wounds from a Friend

I came across this verse today in my Bible study and it got me thinking…

I wish I had read my Bible as much in my younger years as I do now.  I think life would have been a lot easier to deal with had I been trusting the Lord’s Word to get me through.

I can think of many examples where I chose to listen to the kisses rather than the wounds.

The kisses ended up stinging.