A Drive to Story

This morning we decided to take a drive to Story, Wyoming.  We didn’t know what we would find there, we just figured that it would be a nice drive.  What we discovered was a very cool area full of walking trails and a fish hatchery.  We spent the morning exploring and enjoying some family time.

This is a picture of one of the holding ponds at the hatchery.  While there is a serious purpose to this place, my goal in these pictures was to capture just how beautiful it is.

The creek and the flowers lining it made for a peaceful stroll with the family.

The kids love getting out and exploring.  It is such a change for us to have these lush green areas rather than desert and sagebrush.  But I have learned that I need to check for ticks… A reality around here, unfortunately.  So far, we’ve avoided them.

The move to Wyoming has been very good for my family.  While it isn’t perfect, and nothing in life is, I can say that being here has put us all in a different state of mind.  A more relaxed state.  My husband is smiling again, our kids love being near their grandparents, and I can’t get enough of the beauty.

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